Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dogs and more dogs

My fiancee' and I went to visit the dogs again this past Sunday and there was two new poodles among with a few other new dogs. Normally, I'm not much of a poodle person, but there was something about Rusty and his 'beard' that had Brian and I wanting to take him out for a walk... and pick him up, every 2 minutes or so. =P

Meet Rusty, a nine year old (approx) poodle mix that was part of a puppy mill type situation. Basically he lived in a cage most of his life and made puppies.. a lot.

He loves to roll around in the grass.

...And to stick his tongue out at the camera

Laying down after all the rolling around and bouncing in the grass.


Tiburon "T-Bone"
2 1/2 - 3 year old Mastiff

Tiburon is my best buddy. He's been at the humane society for about a year. Not because he isn't a wonderful, hug-able, squishy-faced cuddle monster, but because he's very big and not very well trained. His owner gave him up because he had to have back surgery. And unfortunately, the people who come in and look at him are never 'matching' homes - they either have small children, aren't strong enough/experienced enough, or live in an apartment. This size dog with the amount of energy he has needs a fenced in yard, and another dog that's as energetic and big as he is.

Can I play in the water?

Giant water bowl?

Just imagine how much water comes off a 100+ lb dog with extra floppy skin.


William is a 1-2 year old mixed breed who is your typical happy, active, silly puppy

Mud! that water stuff is weird though.. scary!

Back inside? Why would I want to go there?

How can you resist a smiling dog?

All of the above dogs are from the Binghamton Humane Society, in Binghamton,NY. Find more info by searching on Petfinder.